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Buying an REO property is different than the typical real estate purchasing process. If the purchase will serve as your personal residence or as an investment property, you should be aware of the unique procedures and criteria involved in such a purchase before deciding on an REO property.

General Information
Our bank foreclosures sell, on average, in 90 days or less. They are priced at a competitive market price. A list price may not be the best price. The seller is looking for competitive offers in order to maximize the sales price. It is not unusual to have more than one offer at the same time and you will usually be notified of a multiple offer situation.


  • Please submit an offer through our property list under "all properties" using the "Create an Offer" link. You will be required to upload the contract or Letter of Intent and proof of funds/pre-approval
  • The offer may be in contract form (NEFAR is perfect) or a letter of intent to purchase with all the MATERIAL TERMS OF THE OFFER
  • See the attached letter of intent
  • The offer must be submitted with a pre-approval with the amount approved or proof of funds if a cash offer
  • Please follow up an email at . It usually takes 3 5 BUSINESS days for a response.

Before submitting an offer, most lenders require a commitment letter from a lender or proof of funds. Our sellers will not negotiate without this documentation. If you need information on how to prequalify, please contact us.

Earnest Money
$500 - $1,000: Homes under $100,000 (Some lenders have a $1,000 minimum requirement);
2-3% Homes over $100,000.

The seller or 3rd party (lender that currently owns the property) has never occupied the subject property. Therefore no disclosure is provided as they are exempt under Florida law. A buyer does have the right to request a home inspection but there is no obligation for the seller to make repairs although this may be negotiated. There is always an addendum to the contract which further stipulates conditions for the purchase of the REO property on an 'as is' basis.

We have never had a circumstance where a corporate seller of a foreclosed property would negotiate the sale of a property with a contingency to sell your current residence. Any offer must be made independent of the potential sale of your existing residence.

Are you ready to start the process? If you are interested in purchasing an REO property, contact us to discuss your options. You can also browse some of our Current Listings online.

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For more information on how to purchase your new home, read 'Stages to Buying a Home.' (PDF)

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